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Poshdecor operates in an extremely organized and pragmatic manner which helps us in perceiving our goal through our 8 point approach……
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One of the many feathers in Poshdecor's hat is a manufacturing unit which acts as an assembly point for all the manufacturing related projects taken up by any overseas company in India......
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Poshdecor is a civil aviation consulting company dedicated to mediate between the needs and requirements of Indian Airports and specialists who lookout to cater to the Indian aviation industry. Poshdecor put is first feet in this market in the early 70s. Right from manufacturing of airport essentials to maintaining high-tech services, Poshdecor is the name that can be counted on for defining, delivering and maintaining any system. Poshdecor's rich resources from varied backgrounds add flexibility in developing, installing and running all kinds of system under airports domain.

As a part of this industry we feel great sense of responsibility towards keeping a perspective for the long term with respect to growth and sustainability of our partners and the projects we work on. We have been instrumental through the years in our efforts of getting an entry for global organizations into the Indian aviation sector. The support provided by Poshdecor is always in complete totality and transparency. We educated our partners in understanding the legal formalities, local situations, whether conditions etc. which impacts the performance of the products or services including the bottom lines of the companies.

Our manufacturing wing adds as an assembly point for all the manufacturing related projects taken up. Our state of the art manufacturing unit in Mumbai acts as a very important supporting pillar for the growth of the organization. Our working methods and processes are well defined and adhere to the international standards. Delivering the highest quality products first time and every time is the key philosophy of the organization and is followed by the rich resources in the organization.